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The Unveiling Ceremony of the Statue of Uechi Kanbun

uechiryu statue 422nd of April, 2018, a historical day for Uechi-Ryu! The unveiling ceremony of the Statue of the founder of Uechi Ryu school of Karate, Uechi Kanbun, took place on Okinawa. The statue is 5-meter high and was placed in Sakura no Mori Park on Mount Yae in the own of Motobu. On the sides of the base of the statue, several plates are placed with a brief biography of Master Uechi Kanbun, the history of Uechi Ryu, and the list of all the Uechi Ryu Dojos which contributed donations to realize this project. The great grandkids of Master Kanbun Uechi were present at the ceremony along with numerous highly-ranked Okinawan and foreign masters. This statue from today adds one more historical place to visit in Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate.

(Photos sources: Takashi Arakaki, Robert Fulton)












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